GIANT Subs are the perfect way to satisfy GIANT hungers! Whether you are hosting a Party or want to WOW a group of friends, the GIANT sub is sure to satisfy hunger and bring excitement to any occasion.

Available Items:

Classic GIANT Sub:?Veggie Delight, Ham, Turkey. 3 foot =?$500?and 6 foot =?$800

Signature GIANT Sub:?Tuna and Spicy Italian. 3 foot =?$575 and 6 foot =?$870?

Premium GIANT Sub:?Italian B.M.T Roost Beef & Subway Club.?3 foot =?$650?and 6 foot =?$990

*Requires 24 hours’ notice, please call or email us to discuss today on [email protected] or +852 5373 8152.

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