Made fresh to your order and stacked with a wide variety of taste-bud-tempting deliciousness you’ve come to know and love. You can even build your own platter of tasty subs just the way you like. Perfect for feeding small groups, one platter contains 15 pieces and can feed between six to nine people. Great for office lunches, sporting events, parties and picnics in the park with friends and family.

Get in touch with us today and explore the possibilities by emailing your enquiry to [email protected] or call us on +852 5373 8152.

Classic platter: $350
Featuring the Black forest Ham, Turkey, Roast beef and Tuna.

Flavours craver? platter: $350
Featuring the Roast Beef, Spicy Italian, Tuna and Italian BMT.

Subway? Fresh Fit? platter: $350
Featuring the Veggie Delite?, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast and Roast Beef.

Veggie Delite? platter: $350
A Vegetarian platter with a mixture of delicious Subway? produce on freshly baked bread topped with our recommended sauces.

Choose between fresh baked bread or our tasty wraps

*Customize your very own platter, call or email us to discuss today.

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